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more about me

I'm a Dallas based photographer, but I'm definitely down to travel so let's book something! I graduated from Texas State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Before becoming a lead wedding photographer, I was a second shooter for a great friend and killer wedding photog. I second shot 75+ weddings before blazing the trail on my own and it was so valuable and important in my career. I have now been in business on my own for 7 years and I'm loving every minute of it! My awesome-sauce sister, Taylor, shoots most of my weddings with me. We're almost the same person. Same Same. But different...

I'm a HUGE fan of coffee. All day. When I'm not shooting or editing, I'm building VTech villages for my 2 year old (who usually destroys the whole thing in minutes) or playing with dolls and being the voice of some Disney prince because my 5 year old never lets me be the princess. I married my high school sweetheart in 2011 and I like him a whole lot. I love music. It's in my soul. So you can bet I'll have a cameo on the dance floor at your wedding. Most of what comes out of my mouth are quotes from Friends or The Office. I love making new friends, so lets get coffee and hang out.


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