I am SO EXCITED to now be offering mentor sessions! They are for anyone who has questions or wants to learn more about photography and the wedding business. 
I feel so strongly about living in community with fellow photogs and wedding creatives. I have a BFA in digital photography but 90% of what I've learned has been from friends in this business who have poured into me and my own journey. I want to do the same for people. Don't get me wrong, I don't know even close to everything and certainly don't claim to. BUT I have no secrets. I will share any and all info I know in hopes to inspire others. There's no reason to keep my successes to myself. I want EVERYONE to be successful! 

Hey, it's me... Brandi

  • Camera settings
  • flat lays
  • on-camera flash
  • social media
  • website review
  • client experience
  • workflow
  • software & apps
  • pricing


what we will cover: